Photograms on Black and White paper, concrete blocks, glass sheets, variable dimension, 2013.
Presented during the exhibition The first and the last folding, February 2013, with Martin Soto Climente, at the Swiss Church of London, UK.
Curated by Julia Marchand.

The seeming archaism of Beaudemontʼs photograms results from the process of exposing her moving hands onto the light-sensitive photographic material. The artistʼs choreographic gesture leaves out mysterious imprints – dually legible as primitive masks or ghostly figures – onto the paper. Audience acts as images of an opening, a manifestation of a polyphonic sacred presence.

Exhibition views of The first and the last folding, Swiss Chirch, London.

(Clockwise from top) Geneviève, Maurice, Miguel and Pat, photograms on Black and White paper, 2013.