Exhibition at STUDIOLI, Roma. May 25th-28th.

With Anne-Lise Coste – Kenny Dunkan – Artemis Fontana – Edgars Gluhovs – Martha Kirszenbaum – Olivier Kosta-Théfanie – Nicola Martini – Caroline Mesquita – Poetic Research Bureau – Vanessa Safavi
Artists invited by Pauline Beaudemont

“I see your hair is burnin’
Hills are filled with fire
If they say I never loved you
You know they are a liar
Drivin’ down your freeway
Midnight alleys roam
Cops in cars,
The topless bars
Never saw a woman…
So alone, so alone
So alone, so alone”

The Doors, LA Woman, 1971


Martha Kirszenbaum selected texts and peomes for the artbook Tender Comrades.

Pauline Beaudemont (Domus Aurea, 2017)
This work come from the roman grotesque. The mask realized with the “macchia aperta” technic and the wrought iron body are both inspired by antique and modernism Roman architecture.

Anne-Lise Coste (Fuck fuck fuck, 2016)
The political and social content of the artist in this new contest it shifted in to an erotic matter.

Kenny Dunkan (Hydra, 2017)
“Que j’aime voir, chère indolente, / De ton corps si beau, / Comme une étoffe vacillante, / Miroiter la peau! (…)
À te voir marcher en cadence, / Belle d’abandon, / On dirait un serpent qui danse / Au bout d’un bâton.”
Charles Beaudelaire, Le Serpent qui Danse.

Artèmis Fontana (Vivere Libera, 2017)
Artèmis Fontana is a very engaged feminist who is showing herself for the first time as an artist.

Edgars Gluhovs (Untitled, 1-4, 2017)
“Already I feel myself to be a trifle outmoded”
Max Beerbohm, Diminuendo.
“If variety is all that you’re after, then get out of the Church of Repetition, man, cause you’re interrupting a master”.
Luke Haines, Alan Vega Says.

Olivier Kosta-Thèfaine (Untitled, 2017)
Small monuments made of shells found on the street and collected on the beach try to compete with the conches of the palaces and fountains of the Museum City.

Nicola Martini (Untitled, 2014)
Experimental video with Shellac.

Caroline Mesquita (The Ballad, 2017)
In this video realized in stop motion technic, Mesquita appears alongside her sculptures acting different characters with costumes and makeup experimentation. The soundscape of the video, metallic jingling and clinking, gives the impression of a deliciously perverse carnival.

Poetic Research Bureau (BFF/PRB #1, 2017)
The collective of writers and poets, founded by Joseph Mosconi in Chinatown Los Angeles, presents a slide show of inspirational mostly vintage images with an automatic voice of own poems.

Vanessa Safavi (Bending pushing pulling lifting twisting, 2015)
Connection – Body. Material. Texture. Tactile Feeling.