This Arrogant Envelope

This books features 25 large format Polaroids reproduced 1/1 scale front and back. They are cut-ups enlargements of an Xray of the artist’s hands. The Polaroids are used as postcards addressed to 25 surrealist women, all dead. The texts have been composed with the poet Joseph Mosconi from the Poetic Research Bureau in Los Angeles. This experimental photography piece is an homage to Merret Oppenheim and all of these artists as a morbid echo linking Beaudemont’s work to theirs through this mail-art project with the after-life.

Graphic design: Todeschini & Mamie.

175mm x 240mm, 112 pages. This publication commemorates the granting by Fonds Cantonal d’Art Contemporain (FCAC) Geneva of the Berlin residency from January to June 2015. 2017 – ISBN: 978-2-9700746-6-3 .

This Arrogant envelope Pauline BEaudemont Joseph Mosconi mailart surrealism